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Karagoz Shadow Puppet Theater

Classic Turkish shadow puppet entertainment
Direct from the Ottoman Empire!
Just as the sultan might have enjoyed!
Over 650 Years of Tradition!
Presentations are available for private parties, schools, festivals and special events.  Workshop activities are also available. For more information please contact Cliff by email at or by phone at 443-822-6085.
***As the year 2019 is about to begin, Crescent Moon Karagoz Shadow Puppet Theater recommits to the magic, joy, power and charm of traditional Turkish shadow puppet theater!  We have some new things in store and will be posting those developments here on the website in the early months of the new year.  We will be listing new musical programs as well as our standard puppet presentations, and our collaboration with The Turkish American Arts Society of New York ( will continue.  Please check out our website as new developments are posted.  Also, we are still based near Baltimore, Maryland and will continue to be able to accommodate appearances in the mid-Atlantic region!*** 
*Please note we are redesigning our Caravan of Cultures program listed below along with the individual workshops associated with it, so this particular program is not currently available.  However, our standard, traditional Karagoz puppet show repertoire suitable for all venues is available for scheduling at any time.  Crescent Moon can be contacted at or by phone at 443-822-6085*   

 *****    "Caravan of Cultures"    *****

**Returning in spring of 2019**

Karagoz and Hacivat travel the Silk Road!

♦Follow Karagoz and Hacivat as they travel the length and breath of the ancient Silk Road from Anatolia to China and beyond!

♦With the help of their magic lamp, journey with them as they meet intrepid Moroccan traveler Muhammad ibn Battuta; Caliph al-Mamun, builder of The House of Wisdom; Admiral Zheng He, architect of seven remarkable voyages of discovery; Fatima al-Firhi, philanthropist and founder of the Qarawiyin mosque and university; Empress Zi Ling, the legendary discoverer of silk; the immortal Marco Polo, and many others!

♦Shiver at their brush with pirates off the coast of Java, and marvel at their escapades in the Indian trading port of Cochin.

♦Be with them as they stop in the port of Jeddah brushing elbows with pilgrims preparing to make the Hadj to Mecca and Medina,and as they experience the splendors of Baghdad and Samarkand, and much, much more!

Designed as an entertaining and history-based program for schools and libraries, Caravan of Cultures offers an engaging and educational glimpse into the life-ways, music and traditions of the kingdoms and empires that once made up the old Silk Road. 

For a middle school range audience, Caravan of Cultures is a full one hour shadow puppet production featuring nine caravan stops along the old Silk Road.  Additional one-hour workshop modules focusing on specific cultural aspects are also available.  For family events or for older/younger age groups please contact me



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